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안녕하세요? Hey guys this is a blog for people who want to learn korean language. *None of the pictures are mine, unless stated.
Enjoy Learning!!

Stay Strong Korea.
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Hi everyone!! 
Ahh lately I’ve had this new obsession… If you’ve watched Gag Concert {개그콘서트} you can recognise that phrase { 느낌아니까 / neu-kkim-a-ni-kka / I have experience]. This is one of the many phrases they use… but this is suddenly in my mind all day… Have you watched it? Ahh it’s so funny!! And I can’t stop repeating all the phrases while watching the show!! 
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Have confidence, what on earth is your dream?The protagonist of your life is you, no one but youLive the life you want, don’t crouch

꿈이 뭐야? (ggum-i mwo-ya?)
꿈이 있어요 (ggum-i iss-eo-yo) I have a dream
꿈이 없어요 (ggum-i eobs-eo-yo) I don’t have a dream
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koymak asked: Zico!!

This is for the features thing, right? 

Honestly I don’t know where to start… 

Jiho is.. ahh I wish I could meet him >.< 

He is so handsome and I love his nose but mostly his eyes… so pretty… and his sharp eyebrows. Woah Is it bad that i’ve dreamed with him?? if it is then i’m not sorry. 

edit: his big lips too ^^

그냥 해 (keu-nyang hae) just do it! 
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내가 사랑했던 사람 맞아요? 그 순간, 그대가 낯선 사람 처럼 보였어요Are you really the person I loved? At that moment, you seemed like a stranger

(nae-ga sa-rang-haess-deon sa-ram maj-a-yo? keu sun-gan, keu-dae-ga nat-seon sa-ram cheo-reom bo-yeoss-eo-yo)
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Anonymous asked: Taemin

features: his eyes, smile and nose…. also when he dance is really cool! 

Do yo remember than in korean language we find 2 systems for counting? the Sino-korean (il, i, sam,…. and the native-korean (ha-na, dul, set,…) well when you say your number you use the sino-korean system! Let’s see!!

전화 번호가 뭐예요? jeon-hwa beon-ho-ga mwo-ye-yo? (what is your phone number?)

(323)317-4950 (sam-i-sam) guk-e sam-il-chil sa-gu-oh-gong


This is how you write it… and this is how you pronounce it.

the parenthesis that are in bold only to the first three numbers is the area code, and to let the listener know that that is the are code you use 국에 (guk-e) which is the place where it is located, also for the hyphen (-) in between the first 3 numbers and the last 4 you pronounce it as 에 (e). Also the 0 (zero) has to names depending on the use you are giving it… for phone numbers you use 공 (gong), for other stuff you use 영 (young) so to read the number as one you should say:


Enjoy learning!! ^^

Anonymous asked: For the kpop group thing: Jiggy Fellaz

Dude!! whoever you are i say thank you!! I haven’t heard of Jiggy Fellaz but I did my homework, of course, and looked a bit… is it like a group of different underground rappers from Busan, right? Woah awesome. so:

first bias: Simon D (since i checked and he isn’t in this group no more, i haven’t heard of them before, but now i will… and Simon D ahh I really like him)!! 

Current Bias: i’ll have to tell you later (i really want to listen to more of this underground rappers and i do want to choose someone who is still in the group).